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About Us

Visioni S.r.l. is an Italian producer, distributer and promoter of high-quality immersive creations on global scale. Constantly experimenting with new multidisciplinary methods, Visioni works for the continuous development and improvement of immersive installations as a language capable of attracting an increasingly diverse audience to artistic and cultural realms without barriers.

Visioni is currently active worldwide in providing immersive experiences in museum, institutions and immersive galleries, including every step from concept development, storyboard, production, rendering, engineering, staging and promotion.

Our immersive exhibitions create a real space where the spectator experiences the emotion of a total immersion in images and sound becoming the main character of the artwork.


The viewer’s vision becomes the set of emotions that, by living “inside” the work, adds meaning to the work itself. This interaction between the artwork and the spectator is the core of our Art.

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