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Massimiliano Siccardi

Artista, Direttore Artistico, Regista

Massimiliano Siccardi is a world-renewed Digital Artist. He is the precursor and inventor of the usage of technology, video, animations and projectors, for the development of immersive experiences. In 1996 he brings this new approach to art to the world and continues his production for nearly three decades on a global scale.

In 2018 he co-founded, with the high profile Italian choreographer and director Marco Realino, the production company Visioni Eccentriche. Together they merged multidisciplinary arts and techniques, as theatrical drama, dance choreography, animation, video art, cinematic effects, with state-of-the-art technology, developing a new genre with the Immersive Emotional Exhibitions. They developed and inaugurated with huge success a new version of Siccardi’s Van Gogh immersive experience in Toronto, starting in North American a new market that will be emulated by over six new companies. After Canada, the featured exhibition will then move to Chicago, San Francisco, New York and will be presented in a total of twenty-one venues only in the main North American cities.



He studied at the London School of Contemporary Dance of London. In 1990, he left the world of dance to begin a new journey in the world of video art where he quickly became the artistic force behind visual mise-en-scène for choreographers around the world. Massimiliano created video scenographies for numerous prestigious festivals and galas internationally. Among his numerous digital projects, he has also constructed the video mapping of the Basilica di Giotto and for the Teatro Petruzzelli of Bari, where one of his permanent installation’s virtually re-constructed the frescoes of the Cupola. Massimiliano is also a celebrated photographer and has had photo exhibitions in Spoleto and Rome. 

His grounding as a dancer and his strong theatrical experience have always been essential to the conceptualization of his digital immersive exhibitions, in which people are always the central element.   

He is professor of digital image elaboration at the Accademia di Comunicazione e Immagine of Rome. In 2012, Massimiliano received the prestigious International Award “Romaindanza” for his talent in the visual work of dance theatre. He has been artist-in-residence at the Carrières de Lumières – Atelier des Lumières where he authored the mise-en-scène of numerous immersive shows. 

He is currently Co-Founder and Art Director of Visioni Eccentriche, developing the world’s most thrilling Immersive Emotional Exhibitions and constantly working on new digital technologies for the dissemination of art, beauty and culture. 

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